At MacTay Consulting Limited we understand the importance of having a seamless payroll process that ensures timely remittance of salary without compromising on due process.

Our payroll system is operated using SAP, which is an international Human Resource Management tool. The SAP Payroll Management tool ensures the following:

Excellent reporting capability
MacTay Consulting Limited provides its clients with direct access to thousands of standard reports, plus the ability to easily create custom reports on our SAP platform. Reports can be exported into Excel for further manipulation or filtering and then uploaded back to SAP. This ensures easy and accurate calculation of salary

Better management of CUPE time data.
Employee data is entered once and then shared by the HR module and the Plant Maintenance module. In addition to eliminating duplicate effort, this integration also allows exact planning in situations where we have had to estimate.

Our Employees Benefits

  • Remittance of salary before the 25th of every month
  • Distribution of payslip before payment of salary
  • Access to previous salary information
  • Easy adjustment
  • Access to a salary account